The battery is vital to the operation of your vehicle. Your car battery is the source of energy which provides energy to start the vehicle. The battery also provides energy which allows the electrical components of the vehicle to function. Over time, the vehicle’s battery can loose power, unable to provide adequate power to your vehicle, potentially leaving you stranded. At Quick Wrench, we can service a variety of vehicle make and models to help you avoid an expensive service or two charge by keeping your care battery working at peak performance.

Signs of a low or failing battery:

  • Your headlights look dim at idle and then brighten when you rev the engine.
  • The starter turns slowly, barely starting the car. But you may have alternator wiring problems that prevent the battery from fully charging. If that’s the case, schedule a service appointment. Check your fan belt. If it’s loose, frayed, cracked or glazed, have it serviced or replaced.

A low battery can also be caused by:

  • Frequent short trips.
  • Too many accessories left on or added.
  • Look for a purchase date chart on the battery (it may be handwritten). The battery case will also have a decal stating its expected life, such as 60 or 84 months. If it’s near the end of this expected service life, replace it.
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