Oil Changes – We do as they come, no appointment needed. Customers are welcome to wait in the office, the car, or drop off and we will call when your vehicle is ready.

Tire Rotations – We can generally do these as they come depending on the current work load for the day. Calling ahead definitely insures less wait time. When done with oil change, drop off or appointment is recommended.

Flat Repairs – We do these as they come, wait time depends on current work load. We repair tires according to the RMA Guidlines which are current industry standard.

Wheel Balancing – These are typically done by appointment due to the time needed and depending on the application, some vehicles require more time than others. Calling ahead will insure less wait time.

Alignments – These are done by appointment, occasionally we can do one on the spot, this also depends on the work load for that day. Vehicle application also can vary on how long this will take.

Brakes – We schedule and do all brake jobs by appointment due to the process needed to accurately inspect and quote the job.

Suspension – We schedule all suspension work, vehicle application and work needed can greatly differ between vehicles.

Call (405) 485-3680 for all appointments

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