Air Filter

Replacing your car’s air filter is an inexpensive way to increase your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy. A dirty air filter can restrict air flow to your engine, causing a decrease in your engine’s performance. A clean air filter improves the flow of air to your engine, improving your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency. A clean air filter can increase your vehicle’s miles per gallon by as much as 10 percent. Quick Wrench recommends you replace your vehicle’s air filter every 12,000 miles, or per your manufacturers recommendation. If you consider that a car uses over 12,000 gallons of air per gallon of fuel, you can see why maintaining your vehicle’s air filter is so important.

Cabin Air Filter

People often neglect the cabin air filter, most often because they’re unaware that their vehicle has such a filter. Replacing your vehicle’s cabin air filter will assist with those nasty allergens which enter your vehicle through the air vents. Additionally, replacing your vehicle’s cabin air filter will reduce the stress placed on your vehicle’s compressor. Quick Wrench recommends replacing your cabin air filter once a year, or per your manufacturers recommendations.

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